What Does AL-SASK Region Do?

About NA’s Service Committee

The primary service provided by Narcotics Anonymous is the NA group meeting. Each group runs itself based on principles common to the entire organization, which is expressed in NA’s literature.

Most groups rent space for their meetings in buildings run by public, religious, or civic organizations. Individual members lead the NA meetings while other members participate by sharing about their experiences in recovering from drug addiction. Group members also work together to perform the activities associated with running a meeting.

In a country where Narcotics Anonymous is a relatively new and emerging fellowship, the NA group is the only level of organization. In places where a number of Narcotics Anonymous groups have had the chance to develop and stabilize, groups elect representatives to form a local service committee. These local committees usually offer a number of services. Included among them are:Distribution of NA literature:

  • Helpline information services;
  • Presentations for treatment and healthcare staff , civic organizations, government agencies, and schools;
  • Presentations to acquaint treatment or correctional facility clients with the NA program; and
  • Maintaining NA meeting directories for individual information and for any interested person.

In some countries, especially the larger countries or those where Narcotics Anonymous is well established, a number of local/area committees have come together to create regional committees. These regional committees handle services within their larger geographical boundaries while the local/ area committees operate local services.

What Does The AL-SASK Region Do?

The Region has elected representatives from each Area (Regional Committee Members as well as Fellowship Development Representatives). The Region carries the conscience from the Areas to the World Service Conference. The Region also carries the Areas conscience to the Canadian Assembly. The Regions purpose is to share information between Areas to more effectively carry the message to the addict who still suffers. Regional service committees exist to pool the experience and resources of the Areas and Groups it serves. RSCs organize assemblies at which Group Service Representatives (GSRs) and Regional Committee Members discuss a wide range of service matters, including those likely to come before the World Service Conference. The Region’s Delegate to the World Service Conference is elected by the GSRs and/or RCMs at the Regional Assembly or RSC.

For anyone who has an interest in the specific positions, their descriptions, clean time requirements please look at the Regional Orientation Package.

An international delegate assembly known as the World Service Conference provides guidance on issues affecting the entire organization. Primary among the priorities of NA’s world services are activities that support emerging and developing NA communities and the translation of Narcotics Anonymous literature. For additional information, contact the NA World Services headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

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